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⠀⠀Hello! and welcome to sanguile, my personal blog which focuses on beauty, fashion, life and everything in-between! I'm Ally, a southern California native with a passion for all things beautiful and wondrous! I love taking pictures of any and everything, watching cartoons, drinking tea and eating seafood! Merci pour la visite.
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jrnl | 05. A Short Break ★
Monday, April 2, 2018 @ April 02, 2018 | Leave Comment [0]

It's okay to be a glowstick. Sometimes we need to break before we shine.
I decided to take a semi-hiatus real quick. I didn't just want my blog to look dead with no mention on whether or not I'd be updating it. I renamed posts, deleted some and changed a few things around. At the moment I've been working on my online/remote job. It's taken a lot more determination and motivation than I thought it should, but I'm very dedicated to making it work. I've been spending so much time trying to catch up on it that I haven't had time to blog, travel or do much. There again you can't do too much when you don't have money or your financial situation in order. So that's what's important to me right now. One of my goals was to fix my savings account, so I'm excited to keep working!
I'm also focusing on my health. Eating better, trying to eat more fruit and vegetables, drink more water, less soda, sweets, carbs, sodium and red meats. I'm also trying to move more. Taking advantage of workout videos on Youtube and from websites I follow. I won't be on hiatus long. I want it to be short, because the longer you're gone the harder it is to come back. I'm planning to come back by Summer. I'll be posting more and will have more to post about, because in my spare time on the hiatus I'll be thinking of blog post ideas and taking pictures. 

So until then, au revoir and see you later!

Even though I'll be gone for a bit you can still follow me on bloglovin for when I return and instagram & snapchat! 

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jrnl | 04. Happy New Year ★
Sunday, March 11, 2018 @ March 11, 2018 | Leave Comment [0]

Happy New Year! In true me fashion I'm a little late, only by a couple months, but you know! The end of 2017 went by so slow, but also was a blur. So hopefully that kind of explains the crazy I feel I was dealing with. I ended up quitting my job right before Christmas. I worked at the worst place possible, at least from an employee viewpoint(also a shopper viewpoint if you ask me personally, I never shopped there before I was hired to be honest). I quit due to crazy amounts of depression which the job only added onto. I hoped that after quitting I would feel a lot less stressed and more relaxed, but sadly for a while after quitting I still felt this way, some days even more so. I'm still slightly dealing with this, but I'm also trying to get back to life. Which brings in important thing numero dos! I did get a new job. It's actually online, remote and deals with fashion. I'm totally thrilled. This is the dream job I was looking for. Mainly something remote, that was more on my own terms. Sadly I was taking it for granted while I was dealing with my mental exhaustion. Then even after trying to get to work I realized that a remote job might not be perfect for me, or at least easy. However, I'm not going to quit. I learned that quitting is easy in thought, but tends to create even more difficult situations. So, I'm going to challenge myself. I want to prosper in 2018 like I never have in any previous year. I'm going to work hard on my job, travel a bit more with sister, do better at saving money, try to start classes again, work out, eat better and enjoy life. I guess that could be considered a small list of resolutions. Honestly the smaller, the better at the moment. Of course I know everyone lists working out and eating healthier, but I have been wanting too for a while. I just couldn't figure out how to get things done with all the stress I was under at my last job. I felt stuck in a dead end and couldn't figure out any positives. Other than that I am ready. I feel ready for 2018! I'm excited for the fun, excitement and adventures I believe it will bring  and the experiences I'll have and learn from. Until next time, which will hopefully be real soon, au revoir!!

About Ally Admin
Ally is a twenty-something old blogger from Southern California, who is studying to become a LVN. In her free time she enjoys photography, watching Netflix, cocktails & cuddling with her basset hound. ♥
Find her on: twitter&instagram
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jrnl | 03. 10 Things ★
Monday, November 13, 2017 @ November 13, 2017 | Leave Comment [0]

Journal number 3 kicks off with a personal tag where you get to know 10 random things about me. Honestly these are so hard to do, because it's weird to talk about myself? I don't know. I mean I'm an open person, you ask anything and I'll answer it, but just coming up with stuff off he top of my head is weird. So, anyway, here's 10 random facts about me.
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jrnl | 02. Favoris ★
Saturday, November 11, 2017 @ November 11, 2017 | Leave Comment [0]

Animal: Penguins!
Beauty Brand: I have so many. Elf is at the top for being so affordable, but I've also fell in love with a lot of Korean beauty brands like Tony Moly & Etude House to name a few!
Book: Eat, Pray, Love !!
Color: Literally ALL of them!
Drink: Any tea from Starbucks(or their pink drink) or tea in general & water.
Fashion Brand: Betsey Johnson is a forever fave.
Flower: bleeding hearts, marigold, snapdragons, rose or carnation.
Food: SUSHI!
Holiday: Halloween, Christmas is a close second!
Movie: Ugh, where to begin?! Moana, Zootopia, The Craft, Angus Thongs & Perfect Snogging, Grease, etc.
Restaurant: I love Denny's and Red Lobster.
Show: Younger, 90210, Sex and the City, almost all reality shows minus a few.
Store: Target, sorry.

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jrnl | 01. New Beginnings ★
Tuesday, November 7, 2017 @ November 07, 2017 | Leave Comment [0]

nb1How can I even begin? I've blogged before, so this isn't completely new to me. I have been wanting to start a new blog for so long. So today is the day! Welcome to my new website. Overtime, this month, I'll be posting more blog posts and continue finishing up my layout. A lot of the posts being put up will also be posts to help introduce myself. Really, any personal posts will be under the journal tag and will always have the 'JRNL' starter in their title. So, for now I'm going to continue working on content to release. Until then, I'll see you around!! ★★★
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