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⠀⠀Hello! and welcome to sanguile, my personal blog which focuses on beauty, fashion, life and everything in-between! I'm Ally, a southern California native with a passion for all things beautiful and wondrous! I love taking pictures of any and everything, watching cartoons, drinking tea and eating seafood! Merci pour la visite.
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jrnl | 01. New Beginnings ★
written on Tuesday, November 7, 2017 @ November 07, 2017 ✈

nb1How can I even begin? I've blogged before, so this isn't completely new to me. I have been wanting to start a new blog for so long. So today is the day! Welcome to my new website. Overtime, this month, I'll be posting more blog posts and continue finishing up my layout. A lot of the posts being put up will also be posts to help introduce myself. Really, any personal posts will be under the journal tag and will always have the 'JRNL' starter in their title. So, for now I'm going to continue working on content to release. Until then, I'll see you around!! ★★★

About Ally Admin
Ally is a twenty-something blogger from Southern California, who is studying to become a LVN. In her free time she enjoys photography, watching Netflix, cocktails & cuddling with her basset hound. ♥
Find her on: twitter&instagram
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