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⠀⠀Hello! and welcome to sanguile, my personal blog which focuses on beauty, fashion, life and everything in-between! I'm Ally, a southern California native with a passion for all things beautiful and wondrous! I love taking pictures of any and everything, watching cartoons, drinking tea and eating seafood! Merci pour la visite.
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jrnl | 02. Favoris ★
written on Saturday, November 11, 2017 @ November 11, 2017 ✈

Animal: Penguins!
Beauty Brand: I have so many. Elf is at the top for being so affordable, but I've also fell in love with a lot of Korean beauty brands like Tony Moly & Etude House to name a few!
Book: Eat, Pray, Love !!
Color: Literally ALL of them!
Drink: Any tea from Starbucks(or their pink drink) or tea in general & water.
Fashion Brand: Betsey Johnson is a forever fave.
Flower: bleeding hearts, marigold, snapdragons, rose or carnation.
Food: SUSHI!
Holiday: Halloween, Christmas is a close second!
Movie: Ugh, where to begin?! Moana, Zootopia, The Craft, Angus Thongs & Perfect Snogging, Grease, etc.
Restaurant: I love Denny's and Red Lobster.
Show: Younger, 90210, Sex and the City, almost all reality shows minus a few.
Store: Target, sorry.

With today being Friday, I thought it would be a great day for another post and with Friday being one of my 3 favorite days of the week, what's better than a favorites post. So, in my ever desperate quest to try to help anyone who happens across this blog know me a little better, I've decided to do this old tag. However, there were a lot more options, some I didn't care about and some I couldn't even think up an answer too. So, I simplified the list and tried to keep most of my answers limited to 2 options since I'm so indecisive. Like seriously, I could've named movies all day. So, other than that thanks for reading, have a great day and feel free to leave some of your own favorites below!

About Ally Admin
Ally is a twenty-something old blogger from Southern California, who is studying to become a LVN. In her free time she enjoys photography, watching Netflix, cocktails & cuddling with her basset hound. ♥
Find her on: twitter&instagram
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