Sunday, March 11, 2018

jrnl | 04. Happy New Year ★

Happy New Year! In true me fashion I'm a little late, only by a couple months, but you know! The end of 2017 went by so slow, but also was a blur. So hopefully that kind of explains the crazy I feel I was dealing with. I ended up quitting my job right before Christmas. I worked at the worst place possible, at least from an employee viewpoint(also a shopper viewpoint if you ask me personally, I never shopped there before I was hired to be honest). I quit due to crazy amounts of depression which the job only added onto. I hoped that after quitting I would feel a lot less stressed and more relaxed, but sadly for a while after quitting I still felt this way, some days even more so. I'm still slightly dealing with this, but I'm also trying to get back to life. Which brings in important thing numero dos! I did get a new job. It's actually online, remote and deals with fashion. I'm totally thrilled. This is the dream job I was looking for. Mainly something remote, that was more on my own terms. Sadly I was taking it for granted while I was dealing with my mental exhaustion. Then even after trying to get to work I realized that a remote job might not be perfect for me, or at least easy. However, I'm not going to quit. I learned that quitting is easy in thought, but tends to create even more difficult situations. So, I'm going to challenge myself. I want to prosper in 2018 like I never have in any previous year. I'm going to work hard on my job, travel a bit more with sister, do better at saving money, try to start classes again, work out, eat better and enjoy life. I guess that could be considered a small list of resolutions. Honestly the smaller, the better at the moment. Of course I know everyone lists working out and eating healthier, but I have been wanting too for a while. I just couldn't figure out how to get things done with all the stress I was under at my last job. I felt stuck in a dead end and couldn't figure out any positives. Other than that I am ready. I feel ready for 2018! I'm excited for the fun, excitement and adventures I believe it will bring  and the experiences I'll have and learn from. Until next time, which will hopefully be real soon, au revoir!!

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