Monday, October 15, 2018

jrnl | 06. Fall Goals ★

Let's jump back in like I was never gone! Whenever I'm not blogging all I think about is blogging but when I finally start I completely lose my train of focus! So I love setting goals. If there's one thing I love doing, it's planning! Setting goals, making plans, creating lists. Even if I don't always stick to them... So since we're pretty much at the half way mark of Fall I've decided to list what's left of my goals for now. Mainly consisting of getting back into the blogging world, becoming active on social media again and a few normal life changes to toss into the mix. So here's some of my goals for the next 2 months to help me get back into a routine!

Blog Goals

Post 1x-3x a week! I tend to fall off of blogging and go weeks or even months with no posting. This is not good for my blog. No one wants to visit an inconsistent or dead site. So I'm going to try to post more regularly. Starting with at least 1 post a week and hopefully by next year I'll be in the routine of posting 3x a week.
Be more active on social media! I love Instagram and twitter. I like posts like crazy, but I hardly post.
Read more blogs! Reading blogs use to be one of my favorite past times and I just stopped. I plan to start again by downloading bloglovin onto my tablet and enjoying blogs again.
Comment on more blogs! While I love reading people's posts I hardly ever comment these days. I want to start showing my fellow bloggers the love the posts deserve.
Comment on more Instagram posts! Commenting on Instagram is a great way to get attention back to my own account while also showing the accounts I love some attention they deserve. A win win for everyone.
Join more Twitter conversations! My anxiety is just as bad online. I often don't comment or reply on twitter to people, because it feels too intimate or I feel like a random person who found their tweet and they might think "who tf is this?!" I'm going to try to counteract this by commenting on more bloggers tweets, replying and joining in on more twitter parties and discussions.
Take more pictures! I hardly ever take pictures. I want to start taking more for the blog but also just more selfies in general. More pictures when I'm out with good company. I use to carry my camera everywhere and lately it's like I've been afraid to even use it.

Lifestyle Goals

Cook more! I live in a pretty small town in southern California at the moment. So when I found out we finally got doordash I was ecstatic. As someone who cannot drive this was perfect for me. Sushi delivered! However I've been enjoying it a little too much.. So I want to get back to cooking and making my meals at home. My wallet and waistline will thank me.
Drink more water! Just a short few nights ago I found myself dehydrated. I always thought I was drinking plenty of water but apparently I was not. So I want to start making sure I'm drinking plenty of water these days.
Continue saving money/Save more! I finally started saving money like I wanted. It started as a simple $50 deposit every-time my deposit hit, but now after talking with some people I'm thinking of bringing it up to $150. I really want to be able to sit on a nice savings amount for future moments of need
Learn more about apartment hunting! I really want to move out, however I need to save more and make more plans. Living in California isn't cheap and trying to move into my own 1 bedroom apartment out here won't be easy. So I want to start taking time to apartment hunt and maybe look into other states as well. I'm really excited to be off on my own.
Plan for traveling trips next year! I've been following a lot of traveling accounts on Instagram. They always make me so excited so I really want to start getting some trips under my belt. Even if it just starts with road trips around the US and then turns into trips that require a passport. I'm excited!
Start buying staple pieces to rebuild my wardrobe! I've been telling people I was going to create a new wardrobe for years. I always put it off because for the longest time I had low self esteem and would want to wait until I had this perfect body to buy new clothes. I've been taking care of my health, lost some weight and most importantly decided I'm ready to start doing the things I've been holding back on.
Go see a movie! I hardly go out. I've been spending so much time in the house due to not being in a good mood. I want to go out and going to the movies is easy and one of my favorite things. The last movie I saw in theaters was Black Panther, so I think I'm overdue.
Make birthday plans! My birthday is in November. I'm not a big party-person, but I want to make plans to go out and do something. Whether it's a movie, dinner, shopping. I don't know what yet but I want to go have some fun.
Workout out 2x-3x a week/Lose 10lbs! I've been eating better and this has resulted in my weight fluctuating, but ultimately lowering. Now I've decided I need to get back to working out to up the ante and improve my health further.

Wish list

New Camera - I really want to start taking more pictures for my blog and Instagram and have decided now is the best time to look into a good camera!
Ring Light - Normally I just use the flash on my camera or phone(or the flashlight), but honestly it always leaves that light circle on whatever object I'm taking a picture of. Every-time I see someone sue a ring light the lighting is so perfect and even.
Tablet - I've been wanting an iPad mini so I can just sit back and read blogs for so long. However I don't want to spend iPad money(haha). So I'm going to look into a nice Android tablet. I've had one before and it's all the same really.
Slippers - My dogs chewed up my new ones and I need some in this cooler weather!
Tennis Shoes/Sneakers - Same as above, oddly I've been surviving in sandals, flip flops and flats for summer. I think it's finally time to buy some new shoes!
Hoodies - I love nothing more than being at home on a rainy day in my hoodie. I'm a naturally warm person so hoodies offer me just enough warmth without over doing it like a blanket would. Plus I'll need this should I plan to venture out of the house in this glorious fall weather!

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