Monday, December 31, 2018

jrnl | 07. Welcome 2019 ★

 2018 is finally over....or almost!! It feels like this year has lasted forever. It was a fairly rough year. I’m happy to see it go. I am definitely one of those people who loves a timed fresh start. So even though you can start things at anytime, I love planning things for the new year. I love the refreshed,  new feeling. I’ll be happy to put 2018 behind me. I thought it would just be a mediocre year but right around the end of it it actually got worse! Sadly my 3 year long relationship ended and it caused me to really shut down for a while. This person I had been telling all my plans for 2019 too, the person who I was planning on spending 2019 with decided he no longer wanted me in his life. Of course we had our ups and downs but things definitely did not end the way I would’ve wanted them too. It made me feel like 2019 was going to be a bust too. It made me feel like I didn’t want to go through with anymore plans or goals. Luckily I have a pretty great support system. I’ve been talking to someone new, friends have helped me through it and gave me shoulders to cry on and my sister is ALWAYS A HUGE HELP IN EVERYTHING!! So I’m a little shaky but I’m ready to take 2019 on. I’ve been sharing my 2019 goals on my instagram stories(@sanguile) and will be doing some posts on those in the coming weeks. 

2018 may have kicked my butt but it didn’t take me out. Aside from the bad, there were some good moments too. I got to do several collaborations with brands on my instagram. Plus have one already on the works for the new year. I got to buy some things off my wishlist, like my new iPad and, like I said before, I met someone who has become very special to me. So it wasn’t all terrible. If anything it left me excited for all the adventures and surprises 2019 is going to hold. 

So I hope everyone has a great New Years and 2019 really does open doors and bring them the happiness they deserve. I hope relationships take off, toxic ones end and new adventures begin. I hope people get to travel a lot. I really just hope people find some peace in the new year. 

Until then, Happy New Years!!

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  1. Happy new year
    Welcome to 2019, a year of divine perfection.


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