Monday, January 28, 2019

TRVL | Cute & Inexpensive Luggage ★

One of my main goals for 2019 is to travel more! I did a few road trips to Vegas last year to visit family, but I want to go to more places I've never been too. As a new traveler I decided I wanted to start with traveling around the US! I want to do some overnight trips, some weekend trips and maybe even week long trips in different states and cities. So naturally the first thing I will need is luggage! For my trips to Vegas I used a cute, small duffle bag I got from Walmart. I do love it, but I definitely need something bigger! So naturally the first place I go to is Amazon!No this is not sponsored in any way!! I got Amazon prime so I've been using it like crazy! I get free books for my kindle app on iPad, 2 day shipping and Amazon Prime video!!(Which is amazing, it has the all seasons of Sex and the City, but that's a conversation for another time~!!)
| 1. Floral Large Travel Bag $21.99 2. CAMTOP Weekend Travel Bag $41.99 3. S-ZONE Oversized Travel Bag $39.99 |
These duffles are soo cute! I am in love with duffles. I love that they're easy to carry and can fit enough items for overnight/weekend trips. I loved these designs, the 2 with the brown leather-like straps are my favorites! I love that all of them are black so finding another small bag or backpack to match them won't be hard. 
|1. Rose Gold Expandable Hard Luggage $69.99 2. Nicole Miller Rainbow Hard Luggage $79.99 3. BEBE Marie Black Floral Hard Luggage $71.99 4. Rockland 2 Piece Printed Luggage Set $49.99 |
For longer trips I definitely want to get something bigger and easier to carry! Last time I took a week long trip to Nevada to see my sister I had 4 bags: my duffle, computer bag, a large backpack(for more clothes and shoes) and another small bag for toiletries, jewelry and makeup. Carrying all of these into our hotel we stayed at and then to the elevator and down the hall to our room should've been an Olympic qualifier! Just kidding, but seriously, it was insane! Having a larger luggage with wheels would make it so much easier to move around. Bonus if I get a duffle to match that can sit on top of the luggage and attach to the handle like number 7! I loved these designs, because they were super chic and so feminine. Plus I am loving rose gold and all things floral right now!!

Honestly, I am already soo excited to travel, but shopping for travel necessities is definitely adding onto the excitement! It makes it feel much realer and closer to happening! 

Do you have any travel plans for 2019? Any recommendations on places to go? Let me know!

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